Case Studies

Business Sector

  • Designed and led consultancy and facilitation skills training for several hundred personnel involved in the “Drilling the Limit” “Producing the Limit” and “Volumes to Value” systems of performance improvement.
  • Major savings in exploration, drilling and production costs.
  • Designed and piloted a “blended” facilitation skills training course for Shell trainers, involving online work, individual work assignments, teleconference reporting and face-to-face learning.
  • Designed and piloted an online facilitation skills course for Shell personnel leading online programs. The course included online work, online presentations and individual work assignments.
  • Created participant manuals and trainer manuals for both courses.
  • Easy access for personnel to facilitation skills training – no need to book expensive outside courses.
  • A more consistent approach to facilitation across the international learning organization.
  • Assisted in development of company-wide top leadership development training course.
  • Delivery of the course over 20 times in countries across the world.
  • Adaptation of course content and approach based on participant feedback.
  • Strong top level leadership across the company.
  • Spread of consistent values across the company.
  • Improved reputation of the company for its development opportunities.

Government Sector

  • Facilitated peer exchange among national policy developers for wind farms representing four nations bordering the North Sea.
  • Engaged NGOs committed to protection of North Sea wildlife.
  • Trained Dutch facilitators to lead peer exchanges and policy innovation workshops.
  • Shared international perspective on North Sea wind farm development policy, with full support of NGO community.
  • Engagement of other countries bordering the North Sea.

Non-Government Sector

  • Facilitated an 8-year merger process between two Roman Catholic religious orders which had divided in the 19th century.
  • Designed a process of dialogue, mutual learning and meeting of Sisters from the opposite congregation.
  • Facilitated regional discussions considering the option to merge or not.
  • Both congregations voted overwhelmingly in favor of merger.
  • The merger has proceeded with satisfaction on both sides.
  • Designed and facilitated a week-long launch of a newly-elected leadership team.
  • Established team values and ways of working.
  • Initiated plans for implementing the Chapter Directors.
  • Leadership team launched with mutual understanding of ways to work together.
  • Individual expectations and concerns understood by all.
  • Strategic planning process begun.

Education Sector

  • Designed and facilitated the development of a multi-university graduate program involving five European universities and business schools.
  • Facilitated creation on shared values, course materials.
  • Created regulations that met requirements of each of the governments involved.
  • The program was legally registered in a record 18 months.
  • Students from all 5 countries now participate.
  • Through the program, students attend classes and earn Master’s Degrees in two countries.

Professional Sector

  • Organized facilitation peer support group in the Netherlands.
  • With the support group, launched a Dutch Chapter of the IAF.
  • Built a team to translate IAF Certification materials into Dutch to launch IAF certification in the Netherlands.
  • Established a rhythm of annual Dutch facilitation conferences.
  • IAF in the Netherlands remains self-supporting with local leadership.
  • Growing numbers of Dutch facilitators are professionally certified.
  • IAF conferences in the Netherlands continue annually.
  • The Netherlands IAF provides support and participation in IAF Europe/North Africa.