My Congregation enjoys working with Maureen as consultant and facilitator . She facilitated on of our committees that created processes leading to the reunification of my congregation with the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity. in addition to working with the planning committee and Congregational Leadership Team, she has facilitated other groups in my congregation on many continents as well as being a member of a spirituality committee, facilitating sessions at our motherhouse, chapters in provinces, and leadership trainings.
Sister Brigid Lawlor, RGS
Former Congregational Leader, Sisters of the Good Shepherd
Maureen and Jon are the godmother and father of facilitation in the Netherlands. Their kind but persistent efforts to establish facilitation as a profession in the Netherlands led to - amongst others - the Dutch IAF Chapter, Dutch CPF program and a yearly facilitator conference in the Dutch Language. I've worked with Maureen for several years and she's worth her weight in gold.
Jan Lelie Client
Jan Lelie
All round facilitator, process consultant at Mind@Work

November 7, 2012, Jan worked with Maureen but at different companies.
Maureen is actually the best facilitator I've ever met. She is a profound designer of sessions, resulting in an ingenious, subtle and attractive program, totally suited to the occasion. She facilitates in a wonderful hands off style, which inspires the group to give their best in working and learning together. She is a fantastic colleague, always willing to share her phenomenal knowledge of facilitating and contributing magnificently to the team. If you ever want to learn about facilitation, or if your need an accomplished facilitator to help you out, be sure to contact Maureen.
Caroline Client
Carolien de Monchy
Bestuurder at GoodGovernance.NU

May 8, 2012, Maureen worked with Carolien in the same group
Maureen provides the highest quality of online and face-to-face facilitation, along with strengths in Train-the-Trainer, as well as design of learning interventions. She's especially talented with leadership Development and Team Effectiveness.
Micheal Killingsworth
Michael Killingsworth
Global Head of Learning & Development at ABB

March 12, 2012, Maureen worked with Michael in the same group
Through my time and involvement with the International Association of Facilitators, Maureen has been the consummate professional and colleague. She has worked with me on many occasions and I have always valued her professionalism, her hard work, and outstanding knowledge and experience and more importantly her wise counsel. It has always been a pleasure to work with Maureen and I hope we get to do so again in the not too distant future.
Gary Client
Gary Austin CPF FRSA
Director / Senior Consultant Facilitator at Circledigo Limi

March 23, 2012, Maureen worked with Gary in the same group
In Maersk Oil I have engaged Imaginal Training to develop and run facilitation skills training for our employees of various professional backgrounds. I was responsible for the program development and have also observed actual training sessions. Maureen Jenkins demonstrated her extensive experience with program design and learning methods extremely well for the great benefit of my company. She has handled all the business issues excellently. She is very professional as well as likeable. Most of all I recommend her for her ability to connect with the learners. She is poised, calm, and very friendly, yet firm and decisive when needed; completely in tune with what the group needs. I hope to be working with Maureen for many years to come.
Anette Client
Anette M. Pierce
International Trainer, Concept Developer, Facilitator, Development Project Manager

March 19, 2012, Anette M. was a client of Maureen's
Maureen is an expert facilitator for both classroom learning events and online learning events. I have worked with Maureen for over 5 years now and have learnt a lot from her when we facilitated Accelerated Learning classes together. Maureen also design, develops, and facilitates monthly blended learning webinars for an audience of approximately 80 people per month. She does this with great dedication. Maureen is reliable, fun to work with, and highly professional. I recommend Maureen to anyone who is looking for a learning designer or facilitator.
Iris Client
Iris van den Burg
Learning Advisor - Government Relations, External Communications, Corporate Security and Real Estate at Shell

March 18, 2012, Iris was a client of Maureen's
Working with Maureen is a wonderful experience. She is very experienced in what she provides and she always delivers processes extremely fit for purpose. She provides clear and stimulating leadership. She encourages and enables people to take ownership for their work and products by well structured and focused events. She is reliable and well organized. And one of those not too many people who really practice what they preach.
Judith Client
Judith Van de Geer
Independent Process Designer and Facilitator

March 14, 2012, Maureen worked with Judith in the same group
Having had the pleasure of working with Maureen for many years, I believe her to be an excellent facilitator. In her work for Shell, she was able to help many teams address a broad range of issues from improved team-working to developing breakthrough technical solutions. She demonstrated an ability to work with diverse cross cultural groups in both face to face and virtual settings. She also shared her expertise to help develop internal facilitators in order to leverage facilitation capability.
Lester Client
Lester Desmond
Coach, Mentor and Learning Consultant

February 29, 2012, Lester was a client of Maureen's
Maureen is the warmest, most sincere person I have ever met. She and her husband Jon hired me straight after university and have been there for me ever since. From giving me the boost I needed to get my translation business started to recommending me to Hanze University; unfaltering support all the way. There is no way I could ever repay Maureen's complete selflessness, but I will forever keep on trying!
Louisa Client
Louisa Rengers-Pleiter
English Lecturer at Hanze University of Applied Sciences

August 27, 2010, Louisa worked with Maureen but at different companies
Maureen has high professional and personal qualification. She worked with me on an organizational change project introducing new team based skills to teams across very different business backgrounds and work levels. Maureen has delivered tailored solutions to each team, building lasting relationships. At the same time she has been a most valuable support for the leadership team of the project. Her deep knowledge and wide industry experience have proven a great asset for individuals and teams alike.
Petra Client Photo
Petra Schruth
Director at 2024Sight

January 8, 2008, Petra was a client of Maureen's