About Imaginal Training

Maureen Jenkins is the owner of Imaginal Training. She founded the company in the Netherlands and moved it back to the United States in 2011. As Imaginal Training, Maureen facilitates cross-cultural groups and diverse constituencies, enabling strategy building, enriching team relationships and creating new capacity levels.

The name is Imaginal Training because the focus is on the images people have of themselves and the world in which they live. Behavior only changes when people change their images of who they are and what they can do. This change is at the root of shifts in thinking, creating new alignments, building consensus and designing action that leads to results.

With its roots in Europe, Imaginal Training has always operated internationally. We are very familiar with diverse perspectives in the room, multiple languages and communication challenges. What sets us apart is the experience and comfort with bridging cultures and disciplines.

Maureen Jenkins Facilitator

Imaginal Training Client List

Business Organizations

  • ATOS Origin
  • BP Alaska Exploration and Production
  • Dole Fresh Vegetables
  • Flex
  • Maersk Gas and Oil
  • Pacific Gas and Electric
  • Royal Dutch Shell Exploration and Production
  • Royal Dutch Shell Learning and Development
  • Royal Dutch Telecom International Consultancy
  • Royal Dutch Telecom International Training Department
  • Shell United States Oil Operations

Government Organizations

  • Cabinet of European Commissioner of Financial Programming and the Budget,
  • Dalia Grybauskaite (Lithuania)
  • California Department of Public Health
  • Directorate General for External Relations of the European Commission
  • Directorate General for Health and Consumer Protection of the European Commission
  • INTERACT (Support organization for EU Co-operation Programs)
  • Netherlands Ministry for Environment and Water Management
  • Netherlands Ministry for Environment and Water Management Future Centre
  • Netherlands Tax Service Future Centre
  • Translation Center for the Bodies of the European Union
  • Union of International Associations

Non-Government Organizations

  • Good Shepherd International Foundation ONLUS
  • Management for Development Foundation
  • NEPOSTEL Netherlands International Postal Consultancy
  • Sisters of our Lady of Charity
  • Sisters of our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd
  • Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur
  • School Sisters of Notre Dame
  • Congregation of the Sisters of Jesus Mary Joseph, Indonesia & the Netherlands
  • Congregation of Jesus Mary Joseph, India and Ghana
  • Ursuline Sisters of the Roman Union
  • School Sisters of Notre Dame

Justice System

  • International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia Legal Chambers
  • International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia Office of Legal Aid and Detention Matters
  • International Criminal Court in the Hague

Educational Institutions

  • European institute for Public Administration
  • Hanze International University Business School
  • Hanze International University School of Communication

Professional Associations

  • COCD – Centrum for the Development of Creative Thinking
  • Financial Women of San Francisco
  • International Association of Facilitators Europe, Middle East and North Africa
  • International Association of Facilitators Global
  • Technology of Participation Trainers’ Network