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Many organizations find themselves faced with challenges that are new and unexpected, and thus hard to get hold of.  Comfortable strategies don’t seem to work. Imaginal Training works with you to craft an approach that combines profound respect for each of your personnel with active participation in finding a practical solution. You’ll find yourselves more effective and better able to support one another.

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From technical organizations where facilitators bridge communication gaps between disciplines to health care organizations where facilitators enable departments to streamline patient care, there is a growing call for skilled facilitators in today’s world.



Many underestimate the dramatic change of focus that faces one who moves into management. The skills and organizational network that got one to this promotion are no longer as useful after the promotion as they were before. The new manager needs personal communication skills as much as technical ability. He or she is expected to show empathy with struggling employees and to be able to coach them – in short, to lead, not only manage.

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The word “facilitation” means “making it easy”. Naturally no meeting in today’s world is really easy! Imaginal Training, however, designs and leads meetings based on participatory methods that provide the structure and focus to deal with group dynamics so that organizational goals can be met.

"We’ve worked with Maureen Jenkins at Imaginal Training for 10 years. What began as facilitation of a single complex program has blossomed into multiple programs. Her deep understanding of curriculum design and facilitation has been very helpful as we’ve enhanced our programs over the years. Her consistent professional performance has always resulted in high employee satisfaction for the workshops she’s facilitated. We’re always looking for a way to bring her into our work."

Carmella Granado
Sr. Director Global Learning & Development, Flex
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